Life Insurance premiums are based on your health rating. This means that the younger and healthier you are, the better your rate will be. There are 4 basic categories. For now, you can follow this guide to estimate which is the right one for you. *Note, these descriptions are generally based on people who haven't used any form of tobacco for about 5 years.

Preferred Plus
Exceptional Health, lowest rates. This category is a tough one to get into. It's generally for those at a normal weight for their height, who have normal blood pressure/cholesterol readings, and have a clean medical history. Usually you can't have a history of premature death in your family related to heart disease or cancer. Your driving record counts too.

Excellent Health, 2nd-best rates.

This category is similar to the Preferred Plus, but allows a bit more elbow room on things like blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight.

Standard Plus

Above-Average Health.

You'll t in here if you're generally healthy, but don't quite meet the Preferred requirements.

Average Health. Not the lowest, but usually still good rates. This category is for those working on their weight, being treated for high blood pressure or cholesterol, or those with a history of premature death from heart disease or cancer in their family.

This is how long your policy and coverage will last, as long as you continue to make payments. Your rate will be locked in for this entire duration of the policy.

This is the amount of money that you will leave behind for your loved ones. It might be tempting to lower this amount to get a lower rate, but remember to think realistically about the needs of those that depend on you.